Covenant Love Fellowship
19025 E. Plaza Drive, Parker, Colorado 80015


We are a growing church with a reformed doctrinal stance. We emphasize leadership and accountability. We meet every Sunday with a fellowship meal ojn the first and thrid Sundays of the month.

Covenant Love Fellowship is a Christian family church , non-denominational and dedicated to building up the faithful to serve God and our fellow man in Christian love and mercy. We meet together Sundays at 10 a.m. in Parker, Colorado to honor the promise of our Covenant with God.

In the ancient practice of making covenant, a binding relationship is formed that is characterized by the Hebrew word chesedh. It is translated “mercy,” “loving-kindness,” “love,” “steadfast love,” or “covenant love.” It describes the way that we are to treat those we are in covenant with through acts of kindness and mercy. Whenever this word is used, it is only because a covenant is in place. Our fellowship or assembly exists because we are in covenant with God, and therefore in covenant with His people. Because of the Covenant, we are commanded to act in Christian love toward one another, and elected to have this reflected in our name, Covenant Love Fellowship.


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